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PLEASE NOTE: The selection process is currently under review and revised details will be published in due course.
For the time being, all archers wishing to be considered for the Somerset County Team are encouraged to send all their scores to the Senior Team Selector, Paul Maines.

SCAA Senior County Team 2018
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The senior inter-county tournament is held on the third Sunday in September each year, and for the last few years, the tournament has been hosted by Exeter Archers.  The tournament consists of a York round for the Gents, and a Hereford for the Ladies.  The team is made up of the following:

All 24 archers shoot, but then at the end of the day, the lowest recurve, compound and longbow scores are dropped, to leave 21 scores counting for the overall prize.

In order to be selected for the senior team, you need to show that you can be relied on to shoot a good score on the all important day in September.  The county nominates several selection shoots during the summer months, and a good performance at these is important if you want to be considered.  The best three positions for each archer at the selection shoots will be used to decide the team composition.  The county will also consider scores from other tournaments, but these must be sent directly to the Senior Team Selector.  Only scores shot on the York/Hereford or FITA rounds will be considered.

The county does set qualification scores for each gender and bow type, but these are only a guide to the standard required.  Shooting a qualifying score will not guarantee you a place, especially if you cannot back the score up with some other good results.  On the other hand, don't worry if you do not make the qualifying score - still submit your best scores - sometimes only one or two people manage to make the qualifying score!  The deadline for scores is the end of August.

Nominated Selection Shoots.

Selection Scores for 2014

Category York Hereford FITA
Gents Recurve 1020 - 1150
Gents Compound 1140 - 1250
Gents Longbow 390 - 600
Ladies Recurve - 1070 1150
Ladies Compound - 1180 1260
Ladies Longbow - 420 510


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