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Avalon Tec One Recurve hard case with wheels. £50.00

Tracey Kay

Tel: 07425 591002 or 01823 669052


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Mar 2018
Win & Win Inno CXT left hand riser with Shibuya arrow rest. £300.00 As above. Mar 2018
Win & Win Inno EX Power limbs 66 x 46lb. £250.00 As above. Mar 2018
Wia WIS One foam limbs 66 x 44lb. £250.00 As above. Mar 2018
Carbon ES blade Long rod stabilizer. £50.00 As above. Mar 2018
Honey Do Release aid four finger. £80.00 As above. Mar 2018
Carter Insatiable 2 release aid red (As new). £75.00 As above. Mar 2018
Easton X10 stabilisation set (28inch long rod and 2 x 8 inch side rods). £50.00 As above. Mar 2018
Arrow shafts & Pins X10 Pro tours 670¹s 25 and a half inch length quantity 13. £50.00 As above. Mar 2018

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