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Frostbite League Rules

  1. This competition is to be treated as an inter-club competition for Somerset clubs. All members of the Club Team must be members of the Club, not visitors, and must be affiliated to Somerset County Archery Association. Archers may shoot for a club which is not their first claim club; that is the club through which the archer’s Archery GB annual subscription fee has been paid, with the consent of their first claim club. If an archer is a member of more than one Club in the county, the archer may shoot the Frostbite and Portsmouth competitions for different clubs, with the consent of their first claim club. Having submitted a score in either competition for a given club, the archer cannot shoot for another club in the same competition, for that season.
  2. Three dozen arrows must be shot outdoors at a distance of 30 metres on an 80cm face. 6 sighters will be allowed before scoring commences.
  3. All bow types scoring 10, 9, 8, etc. Only tens count as golds.
  4. A senior Club Team will consist of up to four archers. A junior Club Team will consist of up to three archers. More than one team can be entered per club if you have enough archers, up to a maximum of four teams.
  5. Scores will be adjusted for compound, longbow and barebow rounds using the tables below. Scores for recurve rounds are not adjusted.
  6. There will be a senior and junior league, numbers permitting. All references below to a “Club Team” will refer to either senior or junior club team.
  7. A Club may shoot as many Frostbite competitions per month as it wishes throughout the winter season, October to March.
  8. An individual archer may shoot multiple times during the month and submit their best score. If multiple rounds are shot on a given day, only the first round shot is eligible for the competition. All rounds must be shot at the clubs registered range.
  9. Junior achers may be included in both junior and senior teams.
  10. An individual archer may shoot and enter scores for different bow types, but the rounds must be shot on different days.
  11. Completed scores should be submitted from the web site using the relevant link from the Postal Comps page at Scores must be submitted no later than the tenth day of the next month. i.e. scores for October must be submitted no later than the 10th November.
  12. All Club Teams will construct two leagues, senior and junior (numbers permitting), the Club Team with the highest score each month will gain the number of points that there are Teams in the respective league, i.e. If there are ten Teams the organiser will award ten points to the highest scoring Club Team, nine points to the second etc. Teams not returning scores on time will not receive any points.
  13. In the event of a tie of scores, the Team with the most hits, then golds will gain the highest points.
  14. The trophy for the winning Team will be presented at the Somerset Inter-Club tournament in September of each year.
  15. The Equivalence Calculator for adjusting scores available here as a pdf file. An excel version is available here.
  16. How to use the Equivalence Calculator:

    Frostbite Equivalence Calculator
    Score Shot Compound Equivalent Barebow Equivalent Longbow Equivalent
    300 262 324 329

    Recurve scores are not adjusted, hence a score of 300 is recorded as 300.
    The adjustments for the the other bow types is shown above from an extract of the Equivalence Calculator. Hence the adjusted score for a compound archer is 262, for a  barebow archer is 324 and for a longbow archer is 329.

Last revised October 2018